The solstice and a strawberry moon. White irises opened. Blue irises opened. Things wake up in their own time, these are not things that could be forced. I looked out at that Full Strawberry Moon (Hot Moon, Rose Moon) and it was itself entirely, and casting good metallic light on the water. June water under the strawberry moon, well, these are the kinds of things we came here for.

Sometimes I get better at looking at things, at noticing things, and there's colour and texture enough to revive me and remind me and reset me. I like reading the names of flower varieties. I read through some roses today: Desert Peace, Good Life, High Hopes, Intrigue, Leonardo Da Vinci, Adelaide Hoodless.

And everywhere little beginnings. It seems, sometimes, that beginning takes a long time. The sweet peas seemed to stay the same height for a while. I knew they were forming roots in the dark wet soil, but it was hard to be patient. I'd go ask them,  Well babies- Are you growing yet? This week they started climbing, and I love coaxing their tendrils around the supports.

Same with the cup and saucer vines. Finally moving upward and attaching to their fences. Their tendrils are so delicate and so well designed for clinging and climbing up, it makes me think about the obvious- that plants are living things.