Checked out the dahlias at Public Gardens. I like the titles as well as all their varied shapes and colours: Pride of Place, Neon Splendour, Midnight Dancer, Purple Imp, Swan Lake, Woodlands Wildthing, Valley Porcupine, Crazy Love. There are tons. Also enjoyable to watch the people looking at them, excitedly snapping photos and oohing and aahing and pointing.


I was sort of shocked to see this tree, the first all-in fall tree I'd encountered this year. Actually kind of stopped in the path and stood staring with my mouth open I think.  Until I regained my senses. 


I always enjoy these three pals they plant out each summer. I imagine them whispering them to each other in the dim greenhouse all winter, excited for the next appearance, rehearsing. 


And these I'd like to draw. Cartoon cacti.  


The foliage on these was so gorgeously dark, and there were still tons of buds. The blooms were catching the sun saying Look at us, Look at us, We were made to catch and hold the light.