It’s a story with many surprising turns and a rare Chocolate-brown lily at the end.
— Robert Hass

I love seeing people with flowers. I love seeing someone give a bouquet to their partner, or to their grandmother, or to themselves. I like seeing people holding flowers, carrying flowers, smelling flowers, gazing at flowers. From the little fistfuls of wildflowers children bring to their parents, to the most extravagant wedding bouquet, flowers bring me joy.  I love how flowers soothe and comfort on difficult days, and how they enrich celebrations on joyful days. I like how they can say so many different things, like I think you're wonderful, or You can do it, or Things will get better, or I love you.

At Flora Flower Studio we love starting seeds, planting flowers, and watching them grow. We grow as many flowers as possible for our bouquets; and continue to experiment and learn about the cultivation of the many varieties we enjoy.

Flora Flower Studio sells bouquets, arrangements, and potted plants, as well as providing flowers for events. Order a bouquet from the Shop on this site, or contact us to discuss requests for events you are planning.

Flora Flower Studio does Pop-Up markets regularly, so stay updated by checking the Flora blog!